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This is why professionals charge call out fees!

So I just feel I need to bring this to attention and I am certain that a lot of the professional Plumbers who deal with this on a day to day basis. We often get calls or simple messages such as the one I have just posted. I’d like to bring it to attention as I know...

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Tax deadlines for companies and individuals

*DEADLINES* Do you know when your returns are due? Well here is a super easy guide below to help you. DEADLINES FOR COMPANIES AND INDIVIDUALS  CIPC Returns - This is done on the month that your PTY / CC has a birthday (once a year) Provisional Tax Returns - 31 August...

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Provisional Tax

Today’s Topic is Provisional Tax Provisional tax is broken down into 2 returns (there is a 3rd option that is also available). What SARS asks is that we guesstimate what our taxable income will be by the time year-end comes, then what we do is split this up into 2...

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9 Reasons Your Offline Business Must Have an Online Presence

Though less and less common these days, a common question that traditional “brick and mortar” business owners ask is: Why should I take my traditional company online? First of all, let’s clarify something. In the sense of this article a “traditional company” is one...

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