To assist communities by connecting them with reliable and suitably skilled suppliers, service providers and products.

We strive to build and deliver the most comprehensive and competitive directory that will enhance our client’s brands and grow their internet and social media presence, by assisting them with advertising that will bring in paying customers and scale up their business.

All the while enhancing the community by providing them with fast and reliable information about the service providers within their area. We will continuously encourage the community to use the supplier rating system to ensure that only the best service, products and price are rewarded and recommended to the community at large.

Mission statement  from Eric Bodbyl

“As a small business owner, I have struggled for years to grow my business, with limited success. Bigger businesses either outprice you or outmuscle you once they recognise that you could be a threat. There are the slogans of “give small business a chance” but it is only lip service. I would like to dedicate my website www.Lookitup.net.za to all those small businesses trying to survive in a dog eat dog world by personalizing your listing with us and by bringing potential clients to you.”