So I just feel I need to bring this to attention and I am certain that a lot of the professional Plumbers who deal with this on a day to day basis.

We often get calls or simple messages such as the one I have just posted.

I’d like to bring it to attention as I know other service providers deal with it as well and just don’t voice their opinion because it becomes tedious explaining yourself over and over again.

I am a 24-year-old qualified plumber and I take pride in what I do as do other professionals in their line of work! Professionalism is purely based on work ethic and if you’d be happy with it in your own home and what is happening now and has been for a long time is not fair on us as service providers to beg and chase after money. If you are capable of repairing something at your own expense we applaud it highly but if you are not and require a plumber, before picking up the phone to call a plumber you need to come to terms with the fact that you will be spending money today to fix a repair and you are willing to pay the professional plumbing rates required.

I went through the unnecessary effort of explaining the purpose of a call out fee to the unknown customer in the photo and all they had to say to me thereafter was that I am too expensive and will not recommend the company to others.

A call out fee is a fee that you’ll pay to any service provider to come out and inspect your property as it involves our time, petrol, inspection of property, quoting, wear and tear on vehicles, and as seen of recent petrol prices go up but we cannot increase our labour because then we will have no work. But it is okay to go to the doctor and their visiting fees are +/- R500 which isn’t bad and that’s just for a consultation.

Often I get calls from clients that want quotes over the phone so that I won’t charge a fee to inspect knowing full well I don’t know the ins and outs of the property.

Some of the Johannesburg contractors are R900 an hour opposed to a small fee for the inspection.

Professional contractors will only be called out once the cheaper fly by night does a terrible job and needs immediate repairs and by this point the clients are gatvol of it and the stresses of extra expenses get pinned onto the professional because you as the client are unhappy to be paying more to fix the cheaper Mr do it alls “make a plan” fix.

Contractors would be a lot less direct and abrupt when receiving a call from a person trying to hustle to save the odd 100 bucks here or there.

Professional work comes with a price and if you respect the contractors that you have called out to your property, I can guarantee that you will be well looked after without having to fight about money.

Plumbers, builders, painters, electricians, all necessary service providers! This is for all of you!

If you agree then please make this go viral.

Justin Conway

Fitt Rite Plumbers